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This years conference is going to be held online due to global circumstances. Join us on Zoom!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost to join the community?

The community and everything included is free for members, but is currently invite-only . Unlike other marketing communities out there, we do not charge a membership fee. Instead, we do the opposite - we invest our dollars into making this community the best for our members.

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Who is eligible for the community?

Our community is built around common problems related to being a revenue-driven marketer on the path to leadership. We prioritize senior marketer applicants from the functions most likely to be actively working on those problems today. This includes titles such as manager/director/VP demand gen, growth, digital, content, etc. We don't normally cover the basics, which means membership requires you to have a few years of expertise in your field.

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What do I get as a member?

As a member, you get exclusive access to our invite-only slack group of the best B2B revenue-driven marketers, actionable community playbooks, and invites to online and offline experiences. Get members-only access to events such as our in-person regional dinners, online roundtables, M2 pop-up events at conferences such as Inbound and SaaStr, and "Views from the Top" speaker sessions from the world's best CMOs.

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How can I apply?

M2 is currently invite-only and only accepts members through an invitation code. We want to ensure we grow this community consciously - it's not a numbers game for us :) However, we currently have a waitlist for our community and will be reviewing memberships in small cohorts. To join the waitlist, all we need is your name, email address, region and URL to your Linkedin profile.

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